10 Creative Website Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

10 Creative Website Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Online marketing feels like a race as everyone tries to reach a great number of customers. Every business is in a constant struggle to beat its competitors by selling their products and providing services to their targeted audience. 

The internet has drastically changed the way that most businesses build and promote their brands. There are 1.74 billion sites on the world wide web according to Netcraft’s January 2020 Web Server Survey. There are approximately 380 new websites are created every minute. To meet the big audience out there, your website needs a professional strategy to engage with that overwhelming number of people. Here are different creative strategies for your website to reach out to the enormous number of people who need your services:

  • Invest in SEO:

According to research, small business owners don’t use search engine optimization, and some people do not see SEO as creative. But in fact, SEO is one of the most creative marketing strategies to drive more traffic, getting more customers to the website and to be placed your site in the top three results in Google. It maynot be feasible for small businesses in hiring a web marketing, for this SEO consultants provide an option to access your current web strategy and identify keywords for your website to rank.

  • Join Facebook groups:

To generate leads, you need to connect and reach your audience primarily. You will be able to find your prospects in Facebook groups. Once you join those business groups, you would be able to learn about what people are interested in. Once you learn that you can join those discussions and you can promote your website and gives solutions to the queries to people.

  • Add interactive content:

To get more traffic, your goal is people should talk about your website. Once you know their interests accordingly you can create interactive content like videos, infographics, images which your user can enjoy. If the user starts enjoying your content, there are more chances of sharing contents to others leading to more conversions.

  • Optimize your use of images:

Page speed is a significant consideration for Google when ranking your site in search engine results. So, optimizing your images is an easy win for SEO. A fast website can lead your visitors to stay longer on your website and flock to it. It is one of the ways to run your website faster by optimizing the images.

  • Use engaging videos:

Add supporting video content to your website by turning the written content to video or recording a conversation on video. This not only increases the engagements but also decreases the bounce rate by keeping visitors on your page longer. Creating a video on your website will help your audience to connect with you more, as they can able to see and hear you on camera.

  • Become a Contributing Writer:

Writing is the best option in creative website marketing strategies. If you want to be a contributing writer, you can reach out to writers or reporters related in your field to see if they are willing to accept your writing piece and you can ask publications and reporters to make use what you wrote.


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