4 Main Content Distribution Ideas apart from Social Shares

4 Main Content Distribution Ideas apart from Social Shares

When it comes to digital marketing, content is the top priority. Among the very many tactics of SEO and SMM, content distribution also plays a huge part in digital marketing services. A smart content distribution strategy can help you achieve better brand awareness, influence relationship with your audience and target them better.

Let us get into the details of content distribution: 

1) Personalized emailing: 

All you do here is chart out the audience who loves to read your content and why. Find out about the audience who visits you frequently. Write a custom email to each of the selected customers. Make sure you add something personalized addressing them. This builds the relationship you are looking for. Describe your content and a little message explaining why they might like it. Personalized emails have shown a 6.2% higher open rate than those that aren’t.

2) Posting as a guest: 

Make you do not make your content a little too promotional. In fact try to keep it to a minimum. Try posting on public forums that reaches your audience; like Blog Spot. Make sure you strategies your content in a way which would benefit the public forum.

3) Reach out to influencers:

Send your content to significant influencers in your industry for their inputs, for quotes, etc. Send them the links to your content once it’s published, for them to share it with their contacts. Make sure you send them your segment along with a personalized email as well. Studies show that 50% of marketing influencers use this strategy.

4) Follow up Emails:

Take the opportunity to interact with your customers via follow up emails. Send them the link through your emails asking them to leave a comment expressing their take on it.

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