About Digital Marketing

About Digital Marketing

It is quite commonly said that ‘marketing is to make the right offer at the right time and in the right place.’ At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising and making people aware about that service, product or even the company, delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Nowadays, one can commonly notice that digital marketing is slowly replacing traditional marketing mainly due to its capacity to reach today’s customers.

Digital marketing is way more than just being present on all the social media channels and having a website. It deals with the in-depth marketing strategy that you have and how you choose to apply them to generate leads for your business.

Nowadays, one can get their work simpler by just hiring a digital marketing agency, who guilds the customer in choosing the best option, providing them with various strategies and also implementing them. Digital marketing services provided by them can truly help you build and open new doors for your business.

Digital marketing services majorly include the following avenues;

  • Search Engine Optimisation:It is said that almost 67% of all the clicks are from the first 5 listings on the search result page and 71% of the searches resulted in a page one Google organic click.
  • Social Media Marketing:Apart from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; 88% of the products purchased are pinned on Pinterest. It was noted that 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic.
  • Content:Investing approximately six hours a week in content marketing is considered to be enough for 91% of marketers to claim an increase in web traffic. Not only this 80% of consumers said “authenticity of content” is the most influential factor in their decision to become a follower of a brand 
  • Branding:According to the data by Circle Research, 77% of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth. Apart from this, Business2Community also mentioned that 72% of marketers say branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine.
  • UI/UX design:It plays a crucial as Almost 60% of users say they will not recommend a business that has a badly designed mobile site. Responsive design can help your business improve search engine rankings, thus increasing organic traffic and 38% of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. 
  • Web Development:Having a website is a must in today's business world, the importance has not shifted to having the correct website. It was noted that Once visitors come to the homepage of a site, 86 % of them want information about products or services. 64%expect to find contact information, and 52% want to know about the business.

    Digital Ozone is a digital marketing agency, that is the perfect solution to all your digital problems and provides you with the experienced experts you require for any of the above digital marketing services. More than just getting the work done, we believe in checking the insights, analytics and feedback for the same. The reasons for creating a digital strategy and transforming your marketing which you can use to persuade your colleagues and clients. There are a lot of other businesses who have successfully integrated digital marketing into their activities and it's your turn to start now. Come, let's build your business and grow together.