Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Till a few years ago, marketers use to be a little reluctant in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their digital marketing strategies. But the tremendous growth of marketing online has created the need to have AI, which will not just benefit but also make the work of a marketer much more simple. Even the marketers have started gaining more confidence as a result even the AI tools have been continuously evolving rapidly. It is now that digital marketing and AI have started to go hand in hand.

Boosts business

Let us take a deeper look and understand how the use of AI in Digital Marketing can help boost your business

1.Predicts customer behaviour

Propensity model is a statistical scorecard that helps to predict the behaviour of the customer or the targeted audience. It coordinates between the customer characteristics and their anticipated behaviour. Apart from this, data management platforms (DMP) helps in collecting second and third-party data, which makes the AI collect information about your users across the internet and not just on your website. AI does not just provide the information once, it continuously collects, analysis and interpret the data helping you to get the real-time information which can be beneficial for you to get the potential customer, reach the targeted audience and design the campaign objectives accordingly. Furthermore, the impactful insights will help you to understand the trend, which will determine the sales forecast and ROI so that your business can provide the best experience for customers and right tools to help your business succeed.

2.On-Time Customer Service

The goodwill and the brand value can be seriously affected if the company does not respond to the customer’s query. AI has helped in eliminating this issue, now with the introduction of AI chatbots, an automated tool which helps to give the impression of talking to an actual customer service person in real time. These bots have been designed to use natural learning processing and machine learning to find the correct responses. You can use Facebook bot tools like train bots or if you wish to acquire these chatbots. These bots can be made available 24/7 and can reduce call waiting time for customers who have issues, this can eventually help in increasing customer satisfaction overall.

3.User experience

By delivering personalised or customised content which is relevant to the customer, they get tend to get brand loyal. AI helps in analysing data points that help in getting this personalised information. Based on factors like location, historical data and past behaviour, AI helps in determining the content which will be best suited and the most applicable. This will benefit your business in and give the power to automate e-mail marketing and send regular push notifications to the potential customer based on their current interaction with your business.


Now that we are aware of how AI can help us in boosting our business, let us closely look at the various applications in brief.

1. Content

AI can help you generate and create good content. There are tools like Wordsmith, Articoolo, and Quill which can write a blog for the opinion on any practical advice for a specific industry. In such a manner AI creates certain areas in which contents can be useful and help attract visitors to your website, not only this It also helps to save your time and resources. These tools and AI is used by Associated Press and Forbes to create news, leading to maximum clicks on their websites.

2. Online Searches

AI has helped in Revolutionising internet searches and search engine optimization. There is a constant need for marketers to continuously optimise their web pages. These also include voice search and Google’s algorithm, RankBrain, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana which have made so easy for people to search and extract any kind of information.

3. Advertising

This area of AI is considered to be the most successful. Here the AI analyses the user's information, demographics, behaviour online and shows them the ads that are useful to them. Google ad platform is the best example for this, as it uses machine learning and AI to find people who are most likely to make advertiser’s desired action or in other words are the potential customers for the company.

4. Website Design

One no more requires the help of a programmer or a designer to create a website. There are numerous applications that use AI and design a website according to the information like image, text, call-to-action etc., provided by the user. The website takes minimum time, it is comparatively much cheaper and looks professional at the same time. Applications like Grid can be used.

Future of AI in Digital Marketing

As AI saves time, is more effective and efficient, saves money with error-free results, Artificial Intelligence defiantly is the future in Digital Marketing. It is clearly the new face of productivity and profitability at the same time, as it recognises the problems, helps to solve them by giving you the required information, aid you to take better decisions and help you reach the right audience. AI continues to grow and develop and will not slow down, all the major companies have started using it and it’s time to Implementing AI into your digital marketing strategy that will help customers have a better experience and give your business the success it truly deserves.