Debunking Popular Myths People Believe About Digital Marketing

Debunking Popular Myths People Believe About Digital Marketing

Similar to traditional marketing, digital marketing is huge and can be overwhelming to people who are new to it or not from this field. As an industry, it has always been plagued with myths and rumours on what actually works and what doesn’t. Wide a wide range of strategies and approaches which can be implemented, the fact that there is confusion about what business need to do to achieve success with digital marketing is not surprising.

2019 has been no different than any other year as there are a lot of rumours on digital marketing that have been making the rounds. In this blog post, I am going to debunk some of the most popular digital marketing myths that we get to hear again and again.

Myth #1: Digital marketing can’t generate quick results

A lot of digital marketing tactics like content marketing and organic social media marketing do take time. They do not deliver results overnight because the benefits incline to accumulate the longer time you invest on them. This has led to a misconception that digital marketing is incapable of delivering near-term results. As a matter of fact, there are many tactics available at your disposal that can increase your website traffic very quickly. The most useful tool for this are paid channels. It is still important to optimize them though as you can make your campaigns more efficient in the long run.

Myth Myth #2: Facebook is dead

We can’t deny that it has been a rough time for Facebook in the past few years. The social media giant has been plagued by privacy scandals, bad press and leaks of embarrassing information. Add in the competition from younger social media platforms, has led to a lot of strong statements that either Facebook is dead or insignificant.

Myth #3: In content, the more the merrier

As we hear more and more on the importance of content marketing, we start to believe that the only thing you need to do is to generate mounds of content at any cost. The truth is that very few companies have enough resources to create such huge amount of content. It is preferably better if you provide high quality content for some channels than provide low quality ones in trying to cover all channels.

Myth #4: More martech is the best investment

The right tools can prove to be a boon for your marketing efforts by helping your marketing team work smartly and make good decisions. On the other hand, adding new tech to your existing ones can soon become costly. Remember that too much of a good thing can be too bad. Too much tech can overwhelm your team and if the tech isn’t thoughtfully incorporated into the operations it will not be utilized to its full potential.

Myth #5: You should have a mobile app

No, not really. Your customers don’t require you to have one either. Apps are only necessary when they fulfil actual needs. Therefore, before jumping into the vast ocean of mobile app with one of your own, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Can a customer buy a product or receive a service in your app? Place a food order? Receive 24x7 client support? Access important data or metrics? Don’t waste valuable money developing an app unless it provides something useful and actionable.


As the digital marketing world is ever-changing, so are the practices. The truth is that what is current and correct today will likely become outdated tomorrow and will thus turn into a myth. This is why you should either have your team regularly updated with the latest practices or outsource your process to a digital marketing agency. If you are looking for a digital marketing services in hyderabad , I would suggest Digital Ozone. It provides a wide range of services like web development, UI/UX design, SEO, SMM and content that will help you to attract potential customers and propel your brand to new heights.