Digitally Market using Youtube

Digitally Market using Youtube

When it comes to digital marketing, our main concerns are often restricted to social media marketing including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter along with web development and SEO, what people frequently tend to forget is the significance of Youtube that completes the package of effective digital marketing.


According to the research, it was noticed that Youtube has a total of 2 billion monthly active users. On a daily bases, there are approximately 3 million active users. When we explore the business angle, it was noticed that according to the research 62% of businesses use YouTube and 9% of small businesses are on YouTube. YouTube services are available in 91 countries in 80 languages, in other words, it is 95% of all internet users. There 50 million creators on YouTube and India has 265 million active users.

To have the right target audience, it is crucial to know the demographics of YouTube users. The research stated that 62% of YouTube users are males. The fastest-growing YouTube demographics is of 35+ and 55+ age groups. Where millennials prefer YouTube two to one over traditional television, 37% of the coveted 18 – 34 demographic are binge-watching. On the other hand, 75% of adults turn to YouTube for nostalgia rather than tutorials or current events.

Vital for Digital Marketing 

Youtube is considered to be the 2nd most visited site in the world and attracts about 1/3 of users on the internet. A study stated that 37% of all mobile internet traffic belongs to YouTube and technically is the second largest search engine in the world. Seeing this tremendous growth, it’s important to make Youtube a part of the digital marketing strategy.

Having relevant content on Youtube to which the audience can depend on and relate is the very first step, which is not enough. One should also focus on optimizing this content on Youtube to make sure that it is viewed by those audiences who matter to the brand/business. 


It’s important to always have a plan in place for each platform that you use. Every platform has different specification and its vital to work and build strategies according to those features. When it comes to Youtube, one needs to focus on the theme and adhere to it. The theme may vary from tutorial videos, live performance, customer testimonials, statistics, FAQ till behind the scene videos and tips and tricks. Once you have a theme in place according to your target audience, it’s important to optimise the video on Google search, by using the relevant keywords, tags and description which will help the potential audience to find your video. One can also use Youtube advertising options to further grow the channel and brand. 

As small as it may seem, doing this bit might create a huge difference in not just creating awareness about the brand and business but will also target the potential customer and build goodwill for the brand. Digital Ozone, with all its expertise, will help you in building and growing your brand and business with various digital marketing services that we offer including proper Youtube and other social media marketing. Digital Ozone is the one-stop solution to all your digital marketing problems.