Facebook vs Google: Which Is the Best for Your Business?

Facebook vs Google: Which Is the Best for Your Business?

As digital marketing experts, the most common question our clients ask is ‘Should I go for Google Ads or Facebook Ads’? Facebook and Google are the two biggest names in the digital marketing world. Both of these platforms have millions of users and have been used by marketers to maximize their reach and increase conversions.

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads can be used together for optimum results, but since time and money is constrained, the most important question is which one to select for getting the best out of your budget. In this blog, we are going to compare the targeting and campaigning abilities of both these giants to arrive at the best solution for your advertising needs.


Facebook Ads : Facebook provides granular targeting options like demographics, psychographics, geo-targeting, custom audience and also allows retargeting for optimum results. Therefore on Facebook you can, for example, target married males living in a Mumbai suburb, who have spent over a year at a company, can speak Marathi and Hindi and who likes to play badminton. Such narrow targeting is impossible on any other advertisement platform including Google Ads.

Google Ads : Google Ads provide broad targeting options like keyword targeting, Geo-targeting, demographics, customer matching and also allows retargeting, but some agencies have reported that retargeting on Google Ads provides lower results compared to Facebook Ads. The keyword-based targeting option of Google Ads helps the advertiser to attract audience based on the keywords they use on Google Search.


Facebook Ads : You can run a wide range of campaigns on Facebook Ads like post & page engagement, link click ads, form fill-out leads and video ads that have proven to give better results compared to other advertisement platforms. Facebook Ads have higher conversion rates compared to Google Ads but have lower click-through-rates.

Google Ads : You can run a wide range of ad campaigns on Google Ads like YouTube video ads, Google Search page ads and display ads. The cost per click rate of Google Ads is higher than that of Facebook Ads.

Our verdict

The simple answer would be that it depends. It depends on mainly your company’s industry, budget, goals and target audience among other things. Just because Facebook Ads cost per click in India is lesser than that of Google Ads, it doesn’t mean that you should blind go for it. You have to determine when to use Facebook Ads and when to use Google Ads.

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