Importance of Web development in Digital Marketing

Importance of Web development in Digital Marketing

Web development, in simple words, refers to the task of developing websites for hosting via internet. The web development process includes various aspects like web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, network security configuration and much more.

In today’s world, a mobile responsive website must be made, as almost 60% of all the internet access is done via mobile phones and approximately 94% of the users judge the website based on the responsiveness of the web design. Not only this, even Google prioritizes responsive websites. At least 82% of people tend to use their mobile phones for business activities nowadays; which includes majorly buying and selling of various products. 

Web development helps the company in multiple ways, like maintaining proper communication between the company and their potential clients, generating leads for their business, selling and marketing their products or services, to make people aware about the company and also increasing their popularity and amongst the few major reasons as to how and why web development is important for any company in today’s dynamic business environment.

Let us now dive deep to understand the importance of web development in digital marketing.

Gone are the days when just making a website was enough for the companies digital presence. Seeing the rapid changes around, it is vital to incorporate digital marketing tactics to ensure that the website is updated regularly and be found on various search engines.   

The Best digital marketing agency will ensure the following points are strictly taken into consideration.

  • SEO friendly : Having a top rank on any search engine can really change the game; hence having an SEO responsive website is a must, that includes the landing page, link structuring, site navigation, and placement of Call-To-Action buttons and much more. All this will greatly impact the website and also boost the company’s digital marketing strategies.
  • Strong identity : Having a well designed and developed website helps to create a strong brand uniqueness among the customers. The design, colour, theme, message, consistency and even placement of images and videos help are to evoke the right or rather required emotions in the customer's mind that helps in influencing them.
  • Build credibility : A well deigned flawless user- friendly website will not just help to stand out of the crowd but will also build reliability in the minds of customers, which eventually will aid in generating more leads and even sales or growth in business.
  • Base of digital marketing : The starting point of any best digital marketing services is to have a proper updated, working website that not just helps in giving support but can also be an integral part of the strategy. For example- generating leads, increasing the traffic on the landing page etc. 
  • Consumer convenience : A website has the ability to not just solve the customer query regarding the brand but also build effective communication and interaction with their audience. Having FAQs, feedback form, social media links, blogs, a prompt response can help satisfy the coatomer when in need.  

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