LinkedIn strategies to boost up your company page

LinkedIn strategies to boost up your company page

LinkedIn is one of the most focused social media platforms for promoting businesses or brands compared to all other social media platforms. Therefore, many businesses want to maintain their presence on LinkedIn. Driving business through LinkedIn is a great way of generating leads. When compared to all other social media networks generating leads through LinkedIn has a unique way, because you can find many professionals and decision-makers in the LinkedIn like CEO’s, CTO’s, etc who can be a prospect to your business. LinkedIn platform audiences are unique, so you to apply the right strategies in boosting up your company page for engagements and in generating leads. According to Statista, found that 42% of LinkedIn users have between 300-999 connections.

Here discuss some ways that help you to boost up your company page by using the right strategies,

1. Write a call-to-action(CTA):

CTA button is important to make users travel or redirect to another page. Earlier there is no custom call to actions but now there are some CTA’s like contact us, learn more, register, sign up, visit a website. Depending on your objective or niche you can select one of the above CTA.

2. Include keywords on your page for optimization:
Use keywords just as your website for LinkedIn too. This enables people to find your page when they are searching for any services that are related to your business page.

3. Make regular profile updates:
Try to keep your profile up to date with relevant information about your business. Post some interesting updates like when you added a new place or when you are gearing up for a special event or moved to a new place.

4. LinkedIn your showcased pages:
LinkedIn is the other option to showcase your content by creating customized pages that are committed to your business page. The way you can showcase your products and services on the LinkedIn showcase pages and you can create up to 10 showcase pages under the company's main page.

5. Use Filter to Find Audience/Groups:
LinkedIn gives the advanced filters to connect with the right audience and to find your targeted audience. You can connect with people based on any particular location and industry in which you are looking for.

6. LinkedIn Lead Gen Form:
Lead Gen Form is used to target the relevant audience by gathering the data or information of the visitors. It allows the visitors to fill the form within the LinkedIn page rather than visiting any other website of your service or business.

LinkedIn is the professional platform in generating leads to your business by using simple strategies to boost up your company page. By boosting the page you can reach your target audience and generate leads too. Are you looking for any social media marketing services in Hyderabad, to increase your leads and ROI from LinkedIn? Digital Ozone offers various digital marketing services including SEO, content, branding, UI/UX, social media marketing, and more. Our team of experienced experts specializes in increasing leads to your brand. Contact us now and know what we can do for your brand.