To Organic or Not

To Organic or Not

Organic campaigns deal with using all the free tools and services online to achieve the required target. On the other hand, there are paid Campaign that deals with paid advertisement and sponsorships. Organic marketing is best used to develop a brand voice, enable authentic interactions with customers, educate and convert blog readers, and drive traffic to land pages, your website, and other online assets.

According to a recent survey, it is considered that 86% of marketers use both paid and organic tactics in their social media strategies. The study states that 91% of brands are already active on more than one social media platform, some 65 million businesses already have active Facebook Pages, and 84% of B2B marketers are using social media in some form. Even the customers nowadays have started realising the difference between paid and organic marketing. Although organic Champaign takes little extra time, yet it is more impactful, efficient and effective in the long run.

Advantages of Organic Marketing


This is the most obvious benefit of organic marketing. It requires no costs. Once you have implemented sound SEO principles, the cost-per-click for organic search traffic is zero, giving your company an edge over competitors who are trapped in a pay-per-click universe. Organic social media is a cost-effective way to run an always-on brand awareness campaign.

2.Brand Loyalty

One of the reasons why companies prefer organic marketing and the organic site traffic generation is because of its credibility and also helps in building brand loyalty. The firm builds a better online presence and reputation when they attract users through organic modes.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and aggressive organic optimisation will effectively block the competitor's online presence. The more effort you invest in improving organic search traffic, the higher your site appears in the top search rankings, pushing competitors further down the list.

Tips for Organic Marketing


Make sure that you do proper SEO. Keep updating the keywords and optimise the blogs on your websites. SEO is a part of a larger online strategy to improve search traffic and maximize the use of your web content. It might take extra time but will benefit your firm in huge ways in the long run.

2.Build a personality

It is important to have a personality on various social media platforms. Personality will help you connect the people to your product. Rather than flyer your profile with promotions, provide value that will increase word of mouth.

3. Remove unwanted comments

An effective social media profile inspires confidence and affects peoples perception. According to Brightlocal, 88% of people trust online reviews from other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts. Hence it gets important to remove or hide the negative comments that come on your website or other social media platforms. Promoting engagement by presenting a streamlined profile that will help in increases positive perception for your brand

4.Use of Hashtags

It’s proven fact that hashtags help boost your visibility of various social media platforms. It helps to create a conversation around a common thread and taps into an existing sentiment of the people.

5.Align your content

Various social media platforms have a certain content type that works the best on that platform. The firm should align the content according. For example, photo-focused content on Instagram etc.

One should keep in mind that it is important that with the organic content that you post online is not just broadcasting on your social profiles. You also need to carefully publish content that’s going to spark some conversation and interaction among and with your customers. It is vital that the firm also interacts with other accounts by commenting on or retweeting content, as well as responding to those who interact with your own content. If done well, taking all factors into consideration, organic can help the firm build a loyal customer base that will stay with the firm for a longer duration.