Top 5 Tips to be a High Quality Content Writer

Top 5 Tips to be a High Quality Content Writer

Top 5 Tips to be a High Quality Content Writer

There is a reason why the quote “Content is King” came to existence. By now, we have understood and established the fact that quality content is the most effective way to market a business. We all know that in order to have a good quality content we need to have a unique topic; a different writing style and we have to use keywords.

But the question of how to write quality content still remains. The truth is, even if you have an excellent blog, it can still generate a poor conversation rate. This might happen if you do not answer what your audience is asking you. Instead, you write your own theories. Ever business deserves the best content writing services. So let’s discuss the little things which will improve your content and it will be audience friendly.

1) Put the important information first:

Writing a blog is very different from writing an essay. The people over the internet are very impatient. They demand the main information at the snap of a finger. In an essay, you generally start with an introduction to your topic. Then you gradually write about the main discussion and end with a conclusion. In the case of writing for the audience on the internet, you have to do the opposite. You need to start with the main information. This is because the audience won’t read for more than a few words before leaving your page. Journalists call this style of writing as the Inverted Pyramid.

2) Go easy on the vocabulary:

When you write something on the web, you write for everyone. Try not to use too fancy words. You do not want your audience to read your content with an open dictionary with him. If your readers do not understand your fancy language, it is an inconvenience for them. Make sure your language is easy to understand.

3) Write for your customers:

Getting back to the point I mentioned earlier, write what your readers want to read. Answer their questions. Reply to their feedbacks. Clear their doubts regarding your business. They should be interested in what you wrote. If not, then it is as good as reading out your content to a wall.

4) Write for the lazy readers:

Not everyone on the internet is a great reader. Most of them browse through instead of reading. An average attention span of a customer is 8 seconds. To make that more astonishing it is less than the attention span of a goldfish.

Research shows only 16% of the crowd finish reading a webpage in detail. The rest of the crowd just scans through. Here are some pointers which will make your content perfect for the readers online.

     1) The main topic should be mentioned in the Headline.

     2) Use short paragraphs- 3 to 4 sentences.

     3) Use short sentences.

     4) Avoid fancy vocabulary.

     5) Avoid needless repetition.

     6) Address your web visitors directly- by adding “you”


5) Make your content easy to find:

Your customers are searching for information and they are searching with the help of keywords. Use proper Keywords to make your blog or article easier to find. Include your links in the relevant pages on your own website.

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