Top 6 Social Media Marketing Strategies

Top 6 Social Media Marketing Strategies

A Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy provides you with not just guidelines but also gives you the right direction of what you plan to achieve on various social media platforms. As social media helps to ‘validate’ a brand, the brand must put their best step forward in showing its customers what they truly are. Creating awareness, building loyalty and interaction with the customer are just a few of the major reasons why a brand/company needs to be on social media.

In today’s dynamic digital world, any brand needs to keep up with the latest strategies and ideas to be in the limelight. Let us dive deep in understanding the top 6 SMM strategies a company/brand needs to adapt to ensure they are the talk of the town.

1.Select a “SMART” Goal :-

The SMM goal that you choose should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART). This strategic goal will help in determining how you want your business to progress. It should not only complement but also broadly cover your business goals, vision and mission.

2.Choose Metrics :-

According to the goal that you’ve selected, choose the correct metrics that will be relevant and would do justices in achieving the goal. Ensure that rather than choosing an ‘easy’ metrics, you focus on your SMM goal to determine the right metrics that will provide you with the answers as to whether the brand can meet the goals or not.

3.Audience Selection :-

The business/ brand needs to be clear as to who they wish to target and who their social media audience will be. Just increasing the number of followers on the page won’t do any good until the followers engage and show interest in the brand. You must understand your social media audience, and carefully select them keeping all the criteria in mind, like geographic location, lifestyle, buying behaviours, hobbies. In short, the demographics and psychographics need to be kept in mind while targeting and choosing the audience.

4.Keep track of Competitors :-

Investigating what the competitors are doing and which approach they are choosing for SMM can help in understanding the strengths, weakness and also the loopholes which you can fill in. We all have witnessed how on twitter brands even interact on each other’s post; this in a way can help boost your followers and goodwill among the audience.

5.Content-Type :-

Carefully plan the type of content that you wish to share. The tone of the content should be kept consistent. A proper balance of information, humour and entertainment should be kept, to keep the audience attracted towards your posts. Choosing an influencer can also be a big help in creating attractive and will also help reach a large pool of audience.

6.Track results :-

It is important to keep a track on the results, to know how far you have reached and if the efforts you have taken were in the right direction or not. Analysing the results will also help you understand how much your organic content is effective and if you need any paid promotions to boost your posts.

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