Why LinkedIn?

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is mainly focused on providing a valuable platform for a person’s career and professional life along with building relations with potential customers, clients or colleagues for a business. LinkedIn has over 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users spread over 200 countries. Not only this 92% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn and 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a content distribution channel. According to the data provided by LinkedIn themselves, The LinkedIn audience is said to be very different from other social media platforms, as it has more than one-third of its members in upper management positions. According to the latest LinkedIn statistics, 2019 counts 90 million senior-level influencers, 63 million decision-makers, and another 6 million decision-makers from the IT sector. Among LinkedIn’s members, there are also 17 million opinion leaders, 10 million C-level executives, and 40 million mass affluent members. Apart from this, the data study by Jobvite mentioned that for the people who are looking for jobs, it was noticed that approximately 77% of the job recruiters are on LinkedIn.

It is quite clear that LinkedIn defiantly is a very powerful tool for not just individuals but also for the organisations who are looking to make newer connections for lead generation and also to build their brand. LinkedIn can be helpful for various purposes, for example:

  • Getting connected and regular updates of the potential customers, jobs and interest areas.
  • Receiving recommendations from the network, which helps in showcasing the authentic ability and skills of a person.
  • A platform that helps to create an online business card or resume where not just potential clients but employees and joint venture partners can know the advertiser and also get connected.
  • One can also be active in various groups that align with their work and be informs. One can also take part in various discussions. It is a great platform to build rapport, trust and cultivate newer prospects.
    There are various paid and organic marketing strategies that LinkedIn offers to attain the desired results. The marketer can choose to target, not only in paid ads but in organic content as well. The targeted update allows the page admin to target their company’s posts and even update the specific followers so that they can deliver the most relevant content to the most appropriate audience as per the industry, job title, size, demographics etc.

The following simple steps can be used by companies to build a robust page for their brand on LinkedIn:

  • Use a compelling and attractive cover image that includes the required details that direct the visitors to their website and thus help in capturing leads. The cover image can hence be an essential mode that promotes call-to-actions.
  • There is a space for the brand's description, below the cover image. Creating a very captive and solid pitch as the description may help in not just engaging with the potential customers but also make them interested in visiting the website. This description can also be used for doing the SEO of the brand’s ‘about us’ section. The required essential keywords can be put to use here to describe the brand for which they wish to be discovered on LinkedIn.
  • The brand should also make sure that they have the brand’s clickable website URL which will take the interested users to their website.
    These little basic steps might make a huge difference and help to create a goodwill for your brand. Apart from this, the brand can also have an ad campaign using the campaign manager and the required ad format which could be sponsored content, InMail, text ads or display ads to attract their potential customers by setting a targeted audience and budget for the same. It is essential to measure and optimise the campaign and collect feedbacks to enhance the effectiveness of the next or future campaign on LinkedIn.
    As LinkedIn helps in reaching and building brand awareness and engagement, it’s important to be active on it and keep updating it for receiving the maximum benefit and insights. We at Digital Ozone will help you not just build the perfect page but also make sure that the ad you put up is perfectly optimised to get the full advantage for your brand.