Linkedin- Powerhouse for Branding

Since 2003 Linkedin has changed the game of marketing and branding. It has established an online platform for the professionals to communicate, socialize and learn from each other. Since Linkedin launched, 500 million individuals use Linkedin. Among this crowd 40 million are students and college graduates.

Linkedin ranks on top in content marketing and social media marketing. 91% of marketing executives list Linkedin as top place for quality content. 50% of all social traffic of B2B websites come from Linkedin. Not only is Linkedin at the top for marketing and branding, it has reached the top when it comes to job searches. It has got 3 million job listings.

Considering all these facts let us make Linkedin the most effective branding tool with these few tips.

1. Create your Linkedin profile wisely

Your profile is your identity in Linkedin. You need to use your profile to stand out of the crowd. The chances of your profile of being viewed increases by 7%, just by uploading your profile picture. It increases by 12% by updating your profile with two latest employment positions of yours.  Mae your profile talks about you brand. Your headline is as important as your brand tag line. It should be unique and should capture the attention of the crowd at one go, because it is the first thing the people are going to see when they visit your profile.

Keep your profile updated with your education qualification in details, your work experience and your designations in each company. Adding on what platform you worked in with detailed description is a plus.

2. Choose correct keywords.

This is a very old trick, but old is gold. Choose the correct keywords for your Linkedin content. Try to perceive what the crowd might search in Google and come up with effective hash tags. Your keywords can be your location where you provide your services, your brand motto, the services that you provide, your content highlights, etc. This is the best way you can target your audience.

3. Plan your posts on Linkedin.

You do not need to promote the pictures of your friends, or family or even beautiful sceneries. Instead of wasting your cover space by using these pictures, use it for branding. Put up your company motto, or advertise your company’s achievements.

Plan your content as well. Today more than 1 million people have posted more than 3 million posts on Linkedin. Focus your content on topics like leadership, latest business trends etc. along with your business related content.

4. Follow people who matter.

Make worthy connections. Connect with the experts of their own field. Follow their surveys. Gain knowledge about their research work. Read their blogs. Go through their interviews.

Find out about the new talent on Linkedin. Connect with them to find out what they can offer to help your business to grow.

5. Acknowledge other contents.

Do not be fixed on sharing your own blogs all the time. Make sure your share other blogs of other companies that are related to what you do. This way you not only will be acknowledged by other companies but also gain views from the individuals who are following those companies.

6. Join groups and communities.

Do not forget to join several groups and communities in Linkedin. Take part in their discussions and surveys. This way you become active. This helps you to gain views.

Linkedin can change the face of your business. If you feel that you need that upper edge for your business to improve then knock on our door for help. Digital Ozone is one of the top digital marketing agencies that offer you Social Media Marketing services and much more. Make Linkedin your powerhouse for branding with Digital Ozone. 

Be Safe Digitally

Let us begin by wishing you a very happy Safe Internet week. This does not mean that you need to practice using the internet safely only for this week. You should try and make it a good habit of using the internet safely.

For this reason we have taken up the responsibility to educate you and help you to understand how to use the internet safely.

  1. Be wary of Free WIFI:


Everything free is great right? Wrong. You should be very careful while using free wifi signals. Use it only for browsing. Do not use it for anything personal like payment of any kind via Mobile wallets or logging into any social media accounts or even checking your email account. You can also secure your account:

Visit Gmail app> Tap the three lines on the top left corner of the app> settings>Tap ID> Manage your Google account> Run security check.


2. Application access:


After we download an application, we allow it to access everything in our phone starting with Gallery, contacts and even location. Do not do that. Stop and check before giving access to your personal information to these apps. Try to hide things like Contact list, location, etc.


3.Password tips:


We all are guilty of forgetting our passwords. Hence some of us decide to keep the same password for everything. Do not do that. Also our passwords end up being very generic. For example: our nick names, our parent’s name, Date of birth, our partner’s name, our child’s name, our pet’s name, etc. That is not a good idea. Try including special characters, numbers, Upper and lower case letters. The more unique it is, the better.


4. Read terms and conditions:


The most popular lie we all say every day is tick that little box which has “I agree to the terms and conditions” beside. We should start going through the terms and conditions. There are lot of important information which might come in handy later, instead of trying to contact the customer care.


5.Keep track of downloads:


Do not download anything from simply any site. There is no point in taking such a risky step. Most of those links are disguised malware. They might even look like applications. Do not download any suspicious apps or any apps from the any suspicious sites.


6. Be careful while purchasing online:


Go shopping online on well-known and secure site. Do not upload your account or card details in any random sites. Or else the details will be lying in open for Cyber criminals to take advantage of your personal details.


7.Update your Anti-Virus Program:


The heading itself is self-explanatory for this one. Please keep your anti – virus updated so that you do not become a victim to virus attacks.



With that being said, be safe, browse safe.

Tips and Tricks (2019): Social Media Marketing

How can I make the most of social media marketing? If this is the question that is haunting you, then please stay with me. I can guide you with little tricks and treats about social media marketing. Hope my little basket of treats helps you out with your situation.

  1. Timing it well:

Tip number 1. Timing matters. You should publish your post during the correct time. The perfect time to post content is during the time when you have the chances to get most views. For example; the content posted during weekends will get most views than that posted during the weekdays. Also, the content posted at 10 AM will get more views instead of the one posted at 2:30 AM.

  1. Position it:

Tip number 2.You should take note of where you want to post your content. The content which you are posting on your own page will be different from the content you are posting on a guest page. Your own page will have a different level of detailed post. The posts on the guest page will be such that it will bring the crowd to your own page.

  1. Hash tags! Hash tags! Hash tags!

Tip number 3. Hash tags are your best friends when it comes to social media marketing. Use the correct hash tags. It can be 1 to even as many as 15 in one post. If you are writing content about dogs then the hash tags you use are related to that topic. Like #dogs #mansbestfriend #cute #loyallove etc.

  1. Have your fan moment:

Tip number 4. We all have people, fashion icons, idols we follow for several reasons. So why not follow profiles through your social media handles for inspirations. Follow pages which are top in their own fields. Get your Intel about your field from these profiles.

  1. Linkup well:

Final tip. Linkedin is filled with experts in their own field. They post their research work and studies in the Linkedin profile. Gain knowledge from these experts who rule their field. Linkedin is a dictionary filled with teachers who share their knowledge for people like us to gain from them.


Now that you have an idea or two from your Social Mediafairy Godmother, go ahead and use it to its full potential.  And if you’re too busy killing it in your own business area, then we are just a call away. Hire us and see the magic work.


Digital marketing is the new Black

Confused with the title? My apologies,...

Confused with the title? My apologies. All I am claiming to say is if you are a startup person, then digital marketing is the way forward for you.And it gets even better if you hire a digital marketing agency from day 1.

It has been widely observed that 7out of 10 startups who begin with a formal digital marketing strategy. Breakeven in the first year compared to those who don’t.

Going Digital gives you a competitive edge. Youdon’t need your customers to be in front of a computer to see your product. You can reach customers who own a mobile as well. 

Here are the advantages to further my cause.

1:Focus on core competencies:  After outsourcing digital marketing we get to learn and update our business instead of taking up the heavy responsibility of marketing. We get to focus on the strategies that are the best fit that are needed to improve skills and optimize performances.

2: Reduces fixed cost: Digital marketing and social media marketing not only helps us to reach to customers, but it also costs less. There is no need to rent a Hoarding or pay magazines, newspapers to print ads, which falls under fixed costs. Going online costs next to nothing.  However there are still tactics like pay per click, but it costs much lesser than the traditional way of marketing.

3:Helps build strategy: With the help of Digital marketing we get dependable information about how the market is reacting to our start up’s website. This helps us build strategies and plans accordingly.

4:Target our customers better:  Conventional marketing is kind of a shot in the dark. But in caseof digital marketing we can market our product to the exact group of customers we want. We can find out about the nitty-gritties of what the customers are looking of in the search engines with the help of SEO.

5: Improves awareness about the latest industry updates: The main duty of a digital marketing agency is to research and analyze the market about latest updates of the industry our startup is related to. Hence, we are going to receive the latest information about the industry and the market around us.

6: Helps me in online effective lead generation:Due to the development of digital channels it is easier for us to understand what stimulates and captures interest of the customers online. Digital marketing has started a renaissance of how to reach customers and market the products.

 7: Access to Global customers: We can reach any customer form any country just because of digital marketing. The digital world is huge and easily accessible. This increases the customer base as well.

8: Brand awareness in lesser time: Once we have followers and views in our social marketing platforms, then brand awareness becomes much easier and less time taking.

9:Higher ROI: With better strategies of marketing and branding                we can achieve maximum Return of Investment for our startup. With efficient tracking and monitoring we can improve our tactics as soon as possible.

10: Customer Segmentation:We can not only target but also break down our big group of customers into smaller groups according to the products we are selling. This decreases the expenditure and increases the sales.


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