Digital marketing is the new Black

Digital marketing is the new Black

Confused with the title? My apologies,...

Confused with the title? My apologies. All I am claiming to say is if you are a startup person, then digital marketing is the way forward for you.And it gets even better if you hire a digital marketing agency from day 1.

It has been widely observed that 7out of 10 startups who begin with a formal digital marketing strategy. Breakeven in the first year compared to those who don’t.

Going Digital gives you a competitive edge. Youdon’t need your customers to be in front of a computer to see your product. You can reach customers who own a mobile as well. 

Here are the advantages to further my cause.

1. Focus on core competencies: After outsourcing digital marketing we get to learn and update our business instead of taking up the heavy responsibility of marketing. We get to focus on the strategies that are the best fit that are needed to improve skills and optimize performances.

2. Reduces fixed cost: Digital marketing and social media marketing not only helps us to reach to customers, but it also costs less. There is no need to rent a Hoarding or pay magazines, newspapers to print ads, which falls under fixed costs. Going online costs next to nothing.  However there are still tactics like pay per click, but it costs much lesser than the traditional way of marketing.

3. Helps build strategy: With the help of Digital marketing we get dependable information about how the market is reacting to our start up’s website. This helps us build strategies and plans accordingly.

4. Target our customers better: Conventional marketing is kind of a shot in the dark. But in caseof digital marketing we can market our product to the exact group of customers we want. We can find out about the nitty-gritties of what the customers are looking of in the search engines with the help of SEO.

5. Improves awareness about the latest industry updates: The main duty of a digital marketing agency is to research and analyze the market about latest updates of the industry our startup is related to. Hence, we are going to receive the latest information about the industry and the market around us.

6. Helps me in online effective lead generation: Due to the development of digital channels it is easier for us to understand what stimulates and captures interest of the customers online. Digital marketing has started a renaissance of how to reach customers and market the products.

7. Access to Global customers: We can reach any customer form any country just because of digital marketing. The digital world is huge and easily accessible. This increases the customer base as well.

8. Brand awareness in lesser time: Once we have followers and views in our social marketing platforms, then brand awareness becomes much easier and less time taking.

9. Higher ROI: With better strategies of marketing and branding we can achieve maximum Return of Investment for our startup. With efficient tracking and monitoring we can improve our tactics as soon as possible.

10. Customer Segmentation: We can not only target but also break down our big group of customers into smaller groups according to the products we are selling. This decreases the expenditure and increases the sales.