Digital Ozone Story

Digital Ozone Story

We are not singular...

We are all encompassing!

Digital ozone enjoys being polygamous rooting on to ‘the more the merrier’. We bring on board with us a complete digital survival kit.

Our logo tells our story pretty well…

Starting off… We wanted Digital Ozone to be a matter of survival and not just a choice. So, we worked up a concept segregating different layers of the ozone, with different services we bring in for our customers.

YELLOW (Branding):

Bright, vibrant and full of life; yellow is our first layer. We build strong and resilient brand designs.


Violet indulges in ideating. Our primary focus is in building user interfaces that translate into experiential structures for our clients.

ORANGE (Code):

Orange is centrifugal with creator. We build web and app based structures –which is the focal point for digital on-boarding.

GREEN (Content):

Green adds the life to our digital story. Content is our strong point and the thread that integrates all of service beads.


Cyan brings in an ocean of possibilities. Threading on a close track aligning technology with content- adds coercive strength to a business.

BLUE (Social Media):

Blue is omnipresent. We cover all gamut of services rendered under social media ranging from creativity, marketing to administering.


Yes! Crush the paper, and let’s go Digital! It is indeed just as simple as it sounds!


We are minimalists, the lesser the better. We make choices that seem simple, yet go a long way. DIGITALLY, we want to DRIVE it, and be DETERMINED. That brings in the D.

OZONE is the ORIGIN to our ORIGINALITY and, the ORDER to all the chaos. That brings in the O.

And put together we DO all that for you!