SEO or SMM – confusion in the digital world

SEO or SMM – confusion in the digital world

While we look forward to India being, ....

While we look forward to India being completely digital, most of us are unaware about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing), and what sells well. Before the birth of the social media, the best SEO services would focus on bombarding the website with all the keywords. Having been said that, we should note that SEO was the only way to direct traffic on the website in those days.

Ever since the social media has come up, SMM has grown leaps and bounds. It has helped global brands to achieve a connection with its users. SMM, together with SEO ensures higher ranking of your website and enables relevant searches for the audience.


Best SEO services in Hyderabad use these tools have a common aim – SALE. As stated earlier, one without the other is not super-effective.

Before we conclude the answer to this question, we must compare SEO to SMM on the basis of –

   1. Traffic

   2. Benefits

   3. Optimization via

   4. Platforms


Traffic directed to the website in order to generate sales via SEO is mostly organic. It is non-paid. While, that of SMM is 100% paid. As both the traffic is genuine, SEO-generated traffic is not under your control. However, you can control the paid traffic.


The SEO-generated traffic has long-term benefits in terms of business. Since the SMM-generated traffic is mostly paid, its benefits are short-term. Hence, it is always suggested to focus on SEOs than SMM.


The optimization achieved via SEO is through relevant choice of words that matches the user’s requirements. It is responsible for sharing desired information. The correct selection of words will ensure upscale of business by bringing in organic long-term traffic.

The optimization tool in case of SMM works via visually attractive advertisements. Here, the digital signage play an important role. Both the optimization ways are completely different, but they are equally important as they target various audience. Together, they reach almost every demographic location.


Out of the very common platforms in both arenas, SEO works on various search engines, like, Google, Bing and Yahoo! to name a few. Plus, it plays an important role wherever any search engine comes in picture.

Working on a completely different platform, SMM most matter on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn. The age group of SMM mostly comprises of youth which are inclined towards the pop culture. The number is quite large.

Having said that, search engines are no longer on the back foot. Whenever a person is exposed to a new terminology, he/she runs towards Google as the most common option. Generally, nobody access social media to seek new information.

Let’s come back to our question – SEO or SMM, what sells better?

The answer is BOTH! SEOs and SMMs eventually come down to business – our ultimate goal!