Tips and Tricks (2019): Social Media Marketing

Tips and Tricks (2019): Social Media Marketing

How can I make the most of social media marketing? If this is the question that is haunting you, then please stay with me. I can guide you with little tricks and treats about social media marketing. Hope my little basket of treats helps you out with your situation.

1) Timing it well:

Tip number 1. Timing matters. You should publish your post during the correct time. The perfect time to post content is during the time when you have the chances to get most views. For example; the content posted during weekends will get most views than that posted during the weekdays. Also, the content posted at 10 AM will get more views instead of the one posted at 2:30 AM.

2) Position it:

Tip number 2.You should take note of where you want to post your content. The content which you are posting on your own page will be different from the content you are posting on a guest page. Your own page will have a different level of detailed post. The posts on the guest page will be such that it will bring the crowd to your own page.

3) Hash tags! Hash tags! Hash tags!:

Tip number 3. Hash tags are your best friends when it comes to social media marketing. Use the correct hash tags. It can be 1 to even as many as 15 in one post. If you are writing content about dogs then the hash tags you use are related to that topic. Like #dogs #mansbestfriend #cute #loyallove etc.

4) Have your fan moment:

Tip number 4. We all have people, fashion icons, idols we follow for several reasons. So why not follow profiles through your social media handles for inspirations. Follow pages which are top in their own fields. Get your Intel about your field from these profiles.

5) Linkup well:

Final tip. Linkedin is filled with experts in their own field. They post their research work and studies in the Linkedin profile. Gain knowledge from these experts who rule their field. Linkedin is a dictionary filled with teachers who share their knowledge for people like us to gain from them.

Now that you have an idea or two from your Social Mediafairy Godmother, go ahead and use it to its full potential.  And if you’re too busy killing it in your own business area, then we are just a call away. Hire us and see the magic work.