About Us

Let’s help you know us lot better!

We are bunch of mad-hatters; head strong designers, nerdy developers, and snobbish writers, coping with a team of narcissist social media and SEO analysists. Delivering cutting edge technology, mind blowing designs and curating specialised content. Yes, we have a winning team on board, that has a mind of its own, and the heart at the right place. To put the perspective right, and not scare you any more, we are a young team, creating dynamic processes and grounded business synergy. Aiming to make the digital ecosystems conducive for businesses.

Top Digital Marketing Firm in Hyderabad

Our Philosophy

Dream big, get there, and take everyone along! Yes, our philosophy is just that much, yet much more in every way possible.

Top Digital Marketing Firm in Hyderabad

Our Mission

Weaving in creative hindsight, and creating an all encompassing digital environment that can get businesses swaying.

Top Digital Marketing Firm in Hyderabad

Our Approach

Doing the right thing, at the right time, and keeping at it always! Yes, digitalizing business is just as simple.

And me?

Archana Purohit Agrawal

Founder, CEO, Mother of a three-year-old, and the witty friend who writes everyone’s wedding invites, emails & CVs

I am many writing years old, and I have been an entrepreneur since last three decades. Precisely ready to face the barrel all the time!

Digital Ozone is my second child, (coming precisely 2 years after my first born; timed it well!)

With Digital Ozone, we don’t wish to take a hit on NASA, but just take charge over the digital on-boarding journey of any start-up, corporate or even traditional business. Getting essentially the entire processes streamlined, and under-one-roof.

This is the best I can do at talking about myself, so lets get talking about you!

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